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Times are changing and nowadays they exists good relationships between members of the opposite sex. These relationships are popularly know as Platonic relationships. In this relationship you can do everything friends do except to have sex. Platonic relationships can only survive if both parties are honest with themselves and there is no one who is in the relationship for other things but friendship. If you cherished this article and you would like to collect more info about cuddle duds i implore you to visit the web-site. It is however common for people who were in a platonic relationship to end up having a romantic relationship. It is actually said that successful relationship start of with the couple being friends first. This is because, when you get to know a person, you will tend to fall in love with their characters. You might even find them attractive once you stay long with them. However if you are in a platonic relationship and you have a romantic relationship, this is what you should do.

You should come clean to your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them you have a platonic relationship. You should assure them that even though the other person is your best friend you do not have a romantic feeling for them. What you have is a feeling of care and friendship. Make sure you introduce the two of them to each other. This is to avoid a lot of misunderstanding between the two of them. This will also tell your partner that you are being honest and there is nothing wrong that you are doing with your platonic mate.

Whenever the three of you are together, you should make sure that the person you are having a platonic relationship with respects your mate and gives them the respect they deserve. If he or she should do something that is generally unacceptable you should make a point of telling them it was unacceptable. You should not always take sides with your platonic friend. Even if they are always right. You can choose not to be on any one's side if you are arguing about something. If you take sides with your platonic friend your boyfriend or girlfriend might misinterpret it to be that you are in love with them. You might also find it hard to convince them otherwise if you keep taking your platonic friend side.

Treat your platonic relationships as you would any friendship. You should never flirt with your platonic friend for whatever reason. This is because once you start flirting you might never know when to stop. Though it is okay to hug your friends and kiss them, you should watch carefully how you treat your platonic friend. Do not give a lingering hug, one that might suggests that you love them and you would wish their were your boyfriend or girlfriend. You should also behave appropriately when his or here mate is around. If you act jealous your boyfriend or girlfriend might be forced to think you have some feeling for them. Treat their mate with respect. You can even compliment them on their choice of mate so that they do not get confused about your stand.